Blood Flowers 2004

Indian Ink

21 cm x 29.7 cm

Field of Innocence

What is this creature
Of unfathomable beauty
That lies with me tonight?

I can’t help to ask, my deepest Sin,
Whether you see the tears of agony
Over the fiendish face held within
The tomb of a lover who’d tortured me
And with endless loathe revive the pain
Still baffled, and yet burning still!

How could you, my incessant vain
Scorn the love, the powerless will?
Open your eyes, oh divine grace,
To whom Innocents would sell their soul!
Rip the Grief, the taunting Rage,
Bring the Passion and conquest all!

For you may not remember dreaming,
But over the Styx soon will us be meeting!

From Orchidée Noire, my own story! A poem writen by the Vampire Cassius upon his lover's death.